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ORS Partners provides Outsourced Recruiting Services (ORS) to business and recruiting leaders in emerging technology and middle-market companies.

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ORS Partners, LLC. is a next-gen provider of Outsourced Recruiting Services (ORS), and is comprised of the region’s top professional recruiters hired to build and scale emerging technology and middle-market companies. ORS Partners is a wholly-owned portfolio company of Cross X Platform (CXP).

ORS Partners is your outsourced recruiting solution - and they have built the methodologies and processes to fill the gaps in your current recruiting program. Their recruiters have the right skills to locate top-notch candidates – they will proactively reach out, cold-call, network, and source candidates through social networks - and they have spent years building an approach to recruiting that sets them apart from the rest.

Their consultative approach helps you to decrease time to fill a position, improve position fill rates, improve the quality of talent coming into your business, and helps you reduce turnover produced by bad hiring and administrative burdens associated with recruiting.

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